Silllon is engaged in the constant research of new and original models, which it executes with great rigor and precision. To ensure excellent results, it alters the fabric cutting and sewing operations adapting them to the different types of upholstery. This is how each finish becomes like a beautiful dress, tailored and sartorial.
It also pays particular attention to the threads for stitching and their different finishes. In addition to guaranteeing great resistance, quilting and stitching work, carried out by expert hands, become characteristic elements and give the products different personalities.
Obviously Sillon does not overlook even the inside of its upholstery, which is normally not seen. It chooses the best wood for the structural parts in respect of environmental ethical principles; it uses types and densities of polyurethane that are suited to maintain the characteristics of elasticity and resistance over time; it studies the correct relationship between the soft parts of the upholstery and the action of the elastic straps, to obtain the right level of support.
Sillon, attentive to customers’ requests and flexible in finding solutions, therefore demonstrates it is capable of satisfying the demands of both the contract market and the residential sector.

Sillon means not only traditional Italian craftsmanship but also constant research and extensive customization. Each piece produced is handmade, often custom-made, and subject to quality control to achieve high standards. Behind the classical or contemporary style is a solid structure, which guarantees stability and duration over time.
Sillon is particularly careful to use sustainable materials and make responsible use of the energy required in the various work phases.
The products made by Sillon easily adapt to different types of environments, both public and private, thanks to the care and originality of the details created and the wide range of finishes, textiles and leathers offered.